The Code of the Apocalypse part I
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The Code of the Apocalypse part I 



The work under the name of the Apocalypse of St. John is written in the coded form. Without the key and the possibility to use this key in a proper way the correct reading of the coded contents is impossible. This writing is the work prepared by a highly developed civilisation. It is a material proof for the existence of the intelligent form of life outside of earth.



The contents define its author indicating God in the beginning. According to the information that is written He gives the command to pass to earth the contents of the revelation that was prepared. The man who is  to be the addressee of this transfer is precisely indicated . Such an indication proves that our planet is under the influence of the beings that are cooperating with God. 


The form of contact of God with Christ that is described in revelation reveals the existence of the hierarchy in the structures of life of the civilisation of heaven. The status of God is probably    the highest post in the hierarchy of that civilisation. There is also indicated the form of life in heaven which refers to the value of the family. We can find in these contents the clues which refer to God and to other figures that are living together in the civilisation of heaven. At the same time we can find in the contents of the revelation the pieces of information which show the mechanism of  work and the mechanism of expansion of this civilisation.




The proof of this that the creators of the apocalypse are living in the highly developed civilisation is the degree of complexity of coding of the pieces of information which are written in its contents. These pieces of information once they are read from the coded text point to a logical and coherent way of recording of the hidden contents. They reveal to us a completely different face of the foretold events. What is opened for us is a completely different Revelation, we can say that the revelation is the coded content and the pieces of information that are read from the text that is  opened are the apocalypse. In order to create the cipher that is so highly complex one should have adequate potential and abilities. 


The present scientific knowledge does not have at its disposal adequate possibilities that are necessary in order to code the contents that have such a high scale of the cipher as is used for coding the Apocalypse. All the more, John of Patmos did not have such possibilities two thousand years ago. The fact that he wrote such a text does not mean that he is its author. The work he did and the accompanying circumstances are the proof of the fact that he was  an intermediary between the creators of this work and the addressees to whom it is directed.


In order to define the degree of difficulty of coding of this work  we have to pay attention to its very important feature. The revelation has two faces, the one that is known and cherished by the priests shows us the apocalypse that was used by them in order to frighten the people with the “wrath of God”. The second face is completely different but it will be revealed  when the coded contents are read. There are no reasons to frighten anybody but instead there are the pieces of advice of how to live to eliminate the mistakes in the emotional way of acting. What is written there is a series of commands, however these commands refer only to the people who have specific predispositions , the predispositions they have are connected with the task which they undertook to do here on earth.

There are also indicated the dangers that may threaten the people. There is also indicated the way of life that will protect them against these dangers.


However, the basic aim of this message of God to people on earth is a series of pieces of information that are indispensable for those who undertook the realization of  a special task. They will  live  at the time of the final days, therefore the coded pieces of information should also be read at the same time.


 At present, almost two thousand years later since the time when the  Apocalypse was written we can say univocally that its contents have not been read in a correct way until today. The well-known interpretations which, to say the least, are of no value to a man point to such a state of things. The pieces of information which are contained in the coded contents of the Apocalypse after the correct reading say that the contents of the revelation will be read in a correct way only in the final times.


In order to read the coded contents of the apocalypse in a proper way, it is necessary to follow the directions of God. They are written in the contents of the two verses of chapter 22. In verses 18 and 19 according to the words of Christ, God commands one to conform to definite forms of the way of acting during the process of reading of the text and listening to the contents.


 A very important matter which opens the door to the code of the apocalypse is the acceptance of the rule that the contents of this writing are prepared in such a way that they refer to the value of the life of the people who are living on earth today. During the process of reading one should think in categories in which the present man is thinking and s/he should judge all the matters by means of simple logic which refers to earthly reality.




Moreover, in order to read the hidden contents in a correct way one should definitely draw conclusions from the status of the basic key of the apocalypse which is the use of the number seven. This key is the basic instrument which serves for the indication of the values which are hidden in the coded contents. It occurs in the Apocalypse over sixty times and each time it opens a different  door to information. If God's intention was the need to open so many doors to different pieces of information by means of one key, thus they should have the same lock. According to   the principle of the work of a key that says that a key can open only one arrangement of the cipher in the lock, all these doors must have   the same cipher. The pieces of information that are being opened by means of the key of the number seven have the common cipher,  this cipher is the origin from heaven of all the values that are being indicated.       




Next, one should understand the value of the synonyms which define the origin of a given figure or a subject. Those that come from heaven will have ascribed to them positive attributes. A common feature of these synonyms which point to the values from heaven is their positive value according to a man's understanding. A positive synonym indicates the origin from heaven being   the positive source. For example, such adjectives as : “gold” or “great” or the things in the kind of a “crown” have the positive characteristics according to a man. The ascription of such attributes to specific values depicted in the contents of the apocalypse or giving things  will indicate that  their origin is from heaven.




Now, the most important principle, the main part of the code which connects the whole of the hidden contents. The contextual connections of the common sets of information that is contained in the hidden contents connect the subjects which are scattered in different parts of the text. Through the logical evaluation of  the text we get the indications of the figures, subjects or situations. However, in order to define the information completely one should find all the contextual connections in a given subject.


All these principles and indications are justified in the contents of the verses of the nature of the commands that have already been mentioned. The command of God how one should act during the process of reading or listening to the contents of the apocalypse is expressed in those two verses. These are the verses from which one should start the reading of the apocalypse.


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